Junior Essentials I

Learning Necessary Fundamentals (ages 5-7)

Junior Essentials I is the first level of group instruction offered at TGP. Its primary focus is to get young golfers excited about learning and participating in the sport. We nurture this excitement by using a variety of non-traditional learning strategies  to assist our junior golfers on their path to discovery. JE I addresses and instills these fundamentals through thoughtful instruction with a concentration of deliberate game-play that will entertain and challenge your junior golfer.  

Winter Phase I Session // Nov 5 – Jan 8 (8 weeks) 

Classes: Sunday’s 1:15-2:15 | Monday’s 4:15-5:15
Location: The “Cube” Indoor Training Facility
No Classes: 12/24, 12/25,  12/31, 1/1,
Ratio: 4:1
Make Up: Class 12/28 or schedule a 30 min. private. Must be used before end of session.


Fundamentals Covered:

  • Hand/Wrist Articulation (Grip) Optimal hand position so the club can be swung and delivered squarely to the ball.
  • Set-up Routine –  Juniors will begin to develop the skills that are a necessary part of a pre-shot routine. Juniors will be introduced to “The Golf Practice’s” unique method of Set-up, which includes proper grip, clubface aim, and stance.
  • Alignment Parallel positioning of the body and clubface to the desired target.
  • Full Swing – Circular club motion around the body with weight transfer to produce a “whoosh” with the weight finishing over the “target side” leg. Equipped with the proper grip, alignment, and understanding of club path, our juniors are now ready to swing the club.

Included with Program:

  • (8) hrs of group instruction
  • 30-min private lesson
  • Written Evaluation 
  • Program Gift

Tuition: $355

The Golf Practice partners with US Kids Golf

PGA Recognized Academy

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