Elite Skills II

Elite Skills II

Varsity Prep Invitation Only – Freshman/Sophomore

eliteIIThe Elite Skills II Program is designed for the experienced High School Golfer. This invitation-only program is open to competitive high school players who are interested in playing at Varsity level.  Participants in Elite Skills II are juniors who have a strong desire  to play at a competitive level, have a seriousness about learning and have displayed a dedication to improvement. These golfers are well on their way towards understanding their abilities, and what it takes to achieve their individual goals.  We will provide them with the knowledge and resources to practice efficiently and effectively as to get the most out of their time and effort.

Winter Phase I Session // Nov 7 – Jan 4 (8 weeks) 

Classes: Tuesday’s & Thursday’s 7:45-9:15
Location: The “Cube” Indoor Training Facility
No Classes: 11,23, 12/26, 12/28
Make Up: Class 1/9 or schedule a 30 min private (must be used by 1/4)
Ratio: 4:1

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Areas of Emphasis: 

  • Introduction to Mindfulness – learn the foundation of regulating your breath, managing emotions and dealing with pressure.
  • Understanding Emotions and Mental Strength – accepting and embracing the struggles and difficulties that accompany learning. Learning strategies to properly measure ones experience.
  • Ball Flight Comprehension – how to strike shots with varied shapes and trajectories.
  • Advanced Swing Analysis – how swing plane, club face and impact properties affect ball striking.
  • Productive Practice – how to plan practice sessions with purpose to address specific areas of focus.

Program Includes:

  • 22.5 hrs of Group Training
  • 2 hrs of Private Training
  • Program Swag
  • Evaluation


  • $1195

TGP Bag Program:

  • If over the course of a 12 month period a junior participates in 3 or more sessions they will receive a personalized Golf Bag compliments of The Golf Practice as a thank you for their participation. Bags will include customized logo and players name.

The Golf Practice partners with US Kids Golf

PGA Recognized Academy

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