High School Prep – Boot Camp

High School Prep – Boot Camp
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The Golf Practice is proud to announce the summer High School ” Boot Camp” program! Boot Camp will be a 4 week, 18 hr a week program, with the end goal of having the student gain further confidence in his or her abilities to achieve success in the upcoming fall high school golf season and beyond. Empowering the student to be there best in the moment they need it most.

 July 10 – Aug 4 

Classes: Monday | Wednesday | Friday | 1:00 – 7:00pm | Location: Highland Park CC 
Commitment Options: 2, 3 or 4 weeks
Maximum: 16
Ratio: 4:1


Overview: Monday and Friday will be dedicated practice/work days at HPCC. Wednesday will be a dedicated travel day, traveling to the courses that tryouts will held at for each high school represented in the program.


  •  On course tournament preparedness with focus on course management, strategic planning, trouble recovery, green reading, and the ability for each student to ” stay in the now” during competition. (8 hrs)
  • Weekly meeting as a group with Dr. Arthur Hoffman, developing steadfast mental skills that will enhance each students ability to relax, focus and let go. (1hr)
  • Dedicated short game instruction and practice. Identifying each of the students weaknesses in the short game and focusing on those skill developments. (6 hrs)
  • Full swing practice and projects. Developing dedicated, reliable, and confident pre-shot routines. (3 hrs)

Week 1: July 10 – July 14
Week 2: July 17 – July 21
Week 3: July 24 – July 28
Week 4: July 31 – Aug 4

2 Weeks – $995
3 Weeks – $1395
4 Weeks – $1795



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