Junior Essentials II

Building on a Solid Foundation (ages 8-10)

The Junior Essentials II program is designed for players ages 8-10, who are interested in continuing to progress as golfers.  Through skill based game playing, drills, and contests, players continue to build their athleticism and golf movement skills while understanding methods and techniques used to move a ball around the course. We equip our juniors with the ability and vocabulary to know what is correct, and how to communicate those feelings and ideas.  

Winter Phase I Session // Nov 5 – Jan 8 (8 weeks) 

Classes: Sunday’s 1:15-2:15 | Sunday’s 2:30-3:30 | Monday’s 4:15-5:15
Location: The “Cube” Indoor Training Facility
No Classes: 12/24, 12/25, 12/31, 1/1
Make Up: Class 12/28 or schedule a 30 min. private. Must be used before end of session.
Ratio: 4:1


Four Shot Making Skills Covered:

  • Set-up RoutineBuild upon “The Golf Practice’s” unique method of Set-up by delving further into the nuances of a sound dynamic posture.
  • Impact PositionFocus will be on how ball flight is affected by impact elements and consistently finding the center of the clubface.
  • Wedging Your junior will be able to implement the proper techniques by learning the importance of controlling trajectory and be able to differentiate between various short game shots.
  • Bunker – Hit successful bunker shots focusing on getting out of the sand as a means to promote overall confidence.

Included with Program:

  • 8 hrs of group training
  • 30-min private lesson
  • Written Evaluation
  • Program Gift


The Golf Practice partners with US Kids Golf


PGA Recognized Academy

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