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Lake Bluff Golf Club was established in 1968, and in its 50-year history the course has become a “must-play” destination for golfers. Located on the scenic North Shore of Chicago, the golf course is one of only a few public facilities offering private club caliber amenities.



The Elite Skills Program (ESP) is offering a Summer Intensives edition designed for standout juniors (10-14yrs) who want to push their game and be with others with similar drive. This invitation-only program is for players who aspire to play at a high competitive level and have proven dedication to improvement. These golfers are well on their way towards understanding their abilities, and what it takes to achieve their individual goals.

The Golf Practice is proud to announce the summer High School “Boot Camp” program! Boot Camp will be a 25 hours per week, for 4 weeks, with the goal of enabling the student to gain more confidence in his or her abilities in order to achieve success in the upcoming fall high school golf season and beyond. We aim to empower the student to be his or her best while on the golf course.

The Junior Travel League is the fourth step in TGP’s Junior Development Series. This program is geared toward young golfers who have demonstrated basic playing skills, a primary understanding of rules and etiquette, have previous golf course experience, and have an interest in competitive golf. Travel League golfers will be coached to be thoughtful students of the game while challenging their own abilities through well-intentioned practice. Students will have an understanding of their specific golf projects and how they can utilize various resources to properly measure their progress and experiences.


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