Mastery 360

TGP M360 logo The Golf Practice is excited in announcing our newest, most comprehensive program to date; “Mastery 360.”  This educational journey will cover all spectrums of factors influencing performance. This program coaches highly committed individuals interested in taking their game to the highest junior level. Not only will it provide individuals with the resources to become great golfers but will provide strategies and habits that can be applied to achieving excellence in any endeavor.

In our 26 years of training competitive junior players we have solidified ourselves as top professionals with proven methods and an impressive track record. M360 is the first of its kind; expert coaching at every aspect of performance. This elite, competitive program will provide eligible players with their own professional team.

What Players can Expect

•Private Training/ Group Training / Organized Practices

•Quarterly Game Planning Reviews

•Functional Fitness Sessions with Movement and Performance Trainer

•Guest Speakers (Tour Professionals, College Players/Coaches, Celebrity Teachers, Industry Leaders, College Recruiters, Sports Psychologist)

•Off-Season & In-Season Playing Trips

•Personal Tracker (Online Stat/Journaling Portal)

•Performance Challenges

•Mental Coaching (managing distraction, pressure, emotions)

•Professional Tournament Planning and College Consulting

•Field Trips (NCAA Tournaments, Golf Club Manufacturers, Top Golf)

•Team “Swag”

The Benefits 

•Full Commitment to a Journey of Improvement with Specific Goals & Measurements

•Developing Healthy Habits that can be applied to ALL Endeavors

•Being Part of a group with Common Interests and Aspirations

•Being held Accountable at Every step of the Process

more about our Mental Training

Lead by Dr. Arthur Hoffman, mindfulness training is paying attention on purpose in the present moment. It is a training, or one might say re-training, of the mind.

This training awakens, and strengthens, neural pathways of the brain that are inherent in us all, but are often sleeping through our day by day lives, not to mention during the preparation for, and execution of, a golf swing on a golf course or in a golf tournament.  The practices lead to being present to our experience more often and cultivates the capacity to let go of disappointments, frustrations, anger, etc more quickly.

The intention of the training is not to stop anyone’s reflexive reactions of, for example judging a shot or striving to become an accomplished golfer, but rather to learn to be free in our whole being even when inner self-criticism or self-doubt arise.  And, to apply that in school, at home, and on the golf course.

The Team 

Peter Donahue & Chris Oehlerking – Senior Coaches | The Golf Practice

Dr. Arthur Hoffman – Mental Coaching | Professor, Rush University

Re-defined Fitness – Functional Fitness Expert

Dennis Piant – Club Fitting Master | Cool Clubs

Molly Hudgins – College Golf Recruiter | Future Collegiate Golf Assosication


PGA Recognized Academy

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