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Peter Donahue

Founder | Senior Coach


My office is out in the fresh air under some big oak trees. The people with whom I work are all curious, eager, and motivated. I advocate for the game of golf, and also for studentship and evolution. I’m living a dream that I first dreamed fifty years ago. A kid’s dream for sure. Then again, aren’t all the good dreams?

I wake up early out of long habit, and usually arrive at the golf course to enjoy the quiet around sunrise. I wake up my game by pitching and running shots onto the green from out in the fairway. Exchanging morning hellos with familiar smiling faces riding their machines out to make the greens ready for the day, pretty soon the birds and the squirrels will be joining us. It’s our morning meditation.

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Chris Oehlerking

Managing Partner | Senior Coach 

Chris, a proud native of Canada, has a passion for helping people who have a desire to learn.  Chris believes anything can be learned when commitment, consistency and patience are present.

Teaching Philosophy
Chris educates his student on why certain shot patterns occur.  He instructs them on what specific changes will make an immediate impact and then coaches the player through the process of learning that particular skill both physically and mentally.  Chris’s hands on approach provides a unique kinesthetic experience that enables the player’s body to interpret the correct feel.

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Ty Treacy

Junior Program Coordinator | Lead Coach

Ty's love of the game of golf began at the age of 5 when his grandfather gave him his first set of clubs, he hasn't put them down since! When other kids went to the pool or to camp in the summer, Ty went to the range and practiced,
and loved every minute of it.

The introduction of Harvey Penicks "Little Red Book" by his grandfather was a turning point,  from golf being a game, to a passion that continues to grow each day. A native of the Winnetka, Ty found early success  in tournament golf at the local and state level. He played for New Trier High School and went on to play collegiate golf at Division I, DePaul University. Ty turned professional at the age of 23, attempting the mini tours and PGA Tour qualifying school. It was after this humbling experience that Ty decided to teach the game he loved.

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Liz Urcinas

Junior Program Coordinator

Liz, a Connecticut native and huge UConn Huskies fan, is in her first year at The Golf Practice. As a coach and program assistant for the junior programs she couldn't be happier to be a part of the team! Her passion is working with people and inspiring them to learn life skills and self management through golf.


With her background in physical education and recreation at the university level, along with her affiliation with The First Tee Junior Program in Chicago, she will add a new dynamic to "The Cube." Liz's skills and energy bring the perfect blend to our Golf Practice family.

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Mike Schroeder

Junior Program Coordinator | Coach

Michael started  in the Spring of 2016 with TGP and plays an integral with our Junior Programs and Summer Camps. Michael always has had a passion for playing the game. He was introduced to golf by his grandfather and their casual rounds lead to competitive junior career.  Michael played for for his high school,  Notre Dame College Prep. During this time Michael became fascinated with the intricacies of the game.

His passion for golf eventually lead him to Eastern Kentucky University where he was accepted into their Professional Golf Management Program.


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Dr. Arthur Hoffman

Dr-Arthur-HoffmanMindfulness Based Mental Conditioning Coach

Dr. Hoffman started with our Academy 4 years ago, but as a student. As time passed there was a connection around the mental side of the game and Peter & Chris realized what an asset Arthur's knowledge could be to the Academy's students. Arthur joined the team last year and began teaching mindfulness to the Master 360 program participants.

Mindfulness training is a training, or one might say re-training, of the mind.  This training awakens, and strengthens, neural pathways of the brain that are inherent in us all, but are often sleeping through our day by day lives, not to mention during the preparation for, and execution of, a golf swing on a golf course or in a golf tournament.  The practices lead to being present to our experience more often and on autopilot less often.

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Jetta Boschen

Director of Marketing, Administration & Special Events


Jetta has been with the Golf Practice since early 2013 and assists on a wide range of projects for the organization.

Her background in promotions has been with such known companies as Kraft Foods and Procter and Gamble but is enjoying promotional life “on the greens”.

Jetta also has an extensive background in planning special events for numerous organizations. Please contact if you would like to hold your event at The Golf Practice

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Drew Peterson


Director of Jr. Summer Camps 

Drew is in his 9th year with our Academy as Director of Junior Summer Camps at our Highland Park CC location. Drew brings his expertise in child education and behavior to our programs where he facilitates the day-to-day operations and manages our part-time staff. Drew is a school teacher at Greeley Elementary in Winnetka, IL and has been teaching for 17 years.



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