Summer Camps

Highland Park Summer Programs

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Canal Shores Summer Programs
(Evanston | Kenilworth)

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The Difference in 
Tuition between Locations?

Short Course Driving Range Teacher to Student Ratio Player Evaluation Emailed Video Analysis Access to Golf Course
Highland Park x x 4:1 x x x
Canal Shores 5:1 x

Learning Golf Right From the Start

TGP - Week 8 Photos-21

The Golf Practice believes a successful junior program has to be fast-paced, challenging, and offer rewards. However, the golf club as a tool is not easy for many people to understand right away.  We break complex skills down into bite-sized chunks, and create games that bridge the gap between other athletic endeavors.  Our low student to teacher ratio ensures that every player feels a connection with the teacher and the material.

Before children have matured to the stage of their mental development where goals and deliberate self-discipline is possible, they learn best through deliberate play in which activities are designed to maximize their enjoyment and fit their attention spans. This deliberate play for golf/athletic learning is created through a variety of stations designed with purpose and enjoyment.

PGA Recognized Academy

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