Travel League/ESP Fall Tournament #3

Travel League/ESP Fall Tournament #3

Storms threatened to cut short the North Shore Junior Tour’s return to Sportsman’s Country Club on September 20, but the players from the 4 teams managed to dodge the worst of it – playing through nothing more than a slight drizzle.

The Golf Practice finished in second place with a team score of 224, 5 shots behind Winnetka’s 219.

Ascher Lallas won Low Medalist for the Varsity Division with a +3 score of 38.  The Golf Practice was led by Brandon Frank and Jacob Radis who tied for Runner Up with 40s.

Charlie Creamean took home the Jr. Varsity title with his +2 37.  The Golf Practice’s Stephen Bail tied for 5th with his 49 and Rainer Hakenen tied for 7th with 51.

The next tournament will be held at Highland Park Country Club on Saturday, September 27th.

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