Travel League – Fall Session at Canal Shores

On Course Performance Training (Ages 8-14)

The On Course Performance Training program is designed for those students who have participated in Summer Travel Camp or previous Travel League classes. This class will seek to test your skills and shot making ability on the golf course and ultimately lead to lower tournament scores.

Understanding the rules of the game takes on a larger role with weekly review and discussion of on-course rules situations. Additionally, these golfers will develop as thoughtful students of the game, challenging their own abilities through well-intentioned practice.


2019 Fall Session (8 Weeks)

NEW FOR 2019 – 1, 2 or 3 Day Options Available

Classes held on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday


Dates: Tuesday, August 20 – Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Sundays from 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15pm – 5:45pm

Location: Canal Shores Golf Course in Evanston, IL (MAP)

Student-to-Teacher Ratio: 4:1

One Day:  $615
Two Days: $1,150
Three Days: $1,650

** Payment plans available.

Program Includes:

  • Elite On-Course Performance Training

Students participating in the Travel League program are invited to compete in weekly tournaments against other area teams. Tournaments will be held every Saturday from September 7 – October 5, 2019.


This program focuses on helping players develop:

  • A reliable pre-shot routine. Junior golfers will continue to build a consistent pre-shot routine that allows them to analyze and prepare for each shot, which is a skill that is needed to successfully perform under pressure.
  • Wedging skills. Students will gain an understanding of how to execute a proper wedge shot and how to vary their shot trajectory through their setup and stroke.
  • Putting technique. Students will continue to develop their grip and postures to allow for a free-moving putting stroke, and they will work on various drills to isolate the skills specific to putting (e.g., reading greens, clubface alignment, solid contact, and speed management).
  • Recovery shots. Each player will be taught specialty shots that can be utilized when trying to escape trouble areas on the golf course.
  • Competitive playing procedures. Players will learn more advanced rules and the nuances of golf etiquette that are required in tournament competition.

TGP’s Golf Bag Program

Junior golfers who participate in three or more advanced programs within a 12-month period
will receive a complimentary and personalized golf bag as a recognition of their dedication.
Each golf bag will include a customized TGP logo and the player’s name.


The Golf Practice is a proud partner of U.S. Kids Golf.

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