Varsity Prep

Varsity Prep Invitation Only

The Varsity Prep program is designed for experienced high school golfers. This invitation-only program who are interested in competing at the varsity level and being a leader on their respective High School team. Participants should have a strong desire to play competitively, be serious about learning, and have demonstrated a dedication to improving their game which includes body and mind. These golfers are well on their way towards understanding their abilities and what it takes to achieve their individual goals. We will provide them with the knowledge and resources to practice efficiently and effectively in order to get the most out of their time and effort. Varsity Prep classes meet twice per week, and each class is 90 minutes.

New for 2019 – A clear definition of what’s expected from Varsity Prep students


2019 Winter Phase I Session (7 Weeks)

Dates: Tuesday, October 29 – Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Time: Tuesday and Thursday from 7:15 – 8:45pm

Location: “The Cube” Indoor Training Facility in Highland Park (MAP)

Tuition: $1,075

** No Class on Wednesday, November 27th (Thanksgiving Week)
** Payment plans available.

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This program will provide students with:

  • Productive practice techniques. Students will learn how to plan practice sessions in order to achieve specific goals and how to effectively utilize training tools and resources to accurately measure progress and success.
  • Greater understanding of their emotions and mental strength. Students will be taught strategies for accepting and embracing the difficulties and frustrations that often accompany learning. This is done with mindfulness, a training that leads to being present to our experiences more often and cultivating the capacity to let go of disappointments, frustrations, anger and anxiety, more quickly.
  • Monitoring progress. All too often, good students will have a tendency to over-correct a swing concept or have technique that begins to shift in a bad direction without the player being aware. This program will equip students with the necessary mental resources to notice these clues and fix them before harm is done.
  • Sports performance training. Each practice will consist of a functional golf work out component that will help students with strength, agility, swing speed, and endurance, as well as total body conditioning.
  • Advanced swing analysis. Instructors will work with students to develop individual swing projects that are customized to the student’s biomechanics, and students will learn how to effectively practice these new movement patterns and understand their progression.

TGP’s Golf Bag Program

Junior golfers who participate in three or more advanced programs within a 12-month period will
receive a complimentary and personalized golf bag as a recognition of their dedication.
Each golf bag will include a customized logo and the player’s name.

The Golf Practice is a proud partner of U.S. Kids Golf.

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